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As small and rural as we are at Mbhashe but we do have our movers and shakers, our game changers who represent our community differently. So if you would like to occupy a space "Can be you"  please contact us as soon as possible. send your bio and a picture to or contact us at: 081 335 3343 

Mfundo Mpathani was born in Gatyana. Mfuras Mfondini as he is known by the listeners and on social media has spent 10 years as radio presenter in a community radio station known as Radio KC 107.7FM in Cape Town, South Africa, currently host one of the flagship show on the weekend self entitled Lunch with Mfuras, Setting your mood for the weekend from 12:00 - 15:00, Mfuras Mfondini joined Radio KC in 2007 after finished his radio broadcast studies. Right now is the man behind Mbhashe FM and Sure Joe Media. Besides radio I am a normally kasi guluva. My dream is to connect Mbhashe community with digital world. Being a a blogger and web designer is how you express yourself and digitalise everything around you.

Sibusiso Sigidi was born in Mbethe a rural area in Gatyana. He is known by stage name of DJ Sounder. DJ Sounder "Mr Classic man" realize his talent when he was about 18 years during his school days. The multi talented DJ is an artist, producer and own his studio called Sounder Musiq 5040 based in Cape Town. In 2015 he release an EP called Fresh Start. When is not busy creating the beats you will find him presenting a show called Ghetto Lamapantsula in local community radio station. Sounder is through hustler you can find in Willowvale. People used to ask me why I always mention 5040, I wanted people to know me where I'm from and what  I represent. Currently Sounder has just drop a kwaito track called "Kushubile" and is working on more projects.

Anele Ngqakabana better known as DJ Mioez is born and bred in Willowvale. DJ Mioez is a DJ, producer, the sound mixer and beat maker, who embraces traditional music. Mioez take the songs known to the Xhosa community (amagwijo) and convert them into house music. “My style of music aims to recruit the youth to love our traditional music and stop seeing western type of music as superior to ours that can only happen when young individuals pride themselves about the rural life which is a fundamental basis of the embracement of traditional rhythms and songs”. DJ Mioez noRhadi, release album “mission Yhehakeee!” Mioez is now producing and grooming young boys who aspire to music and other youthful genres. dance.

Lwandiso Fuzile well known as his stage name Coylematic, is a Spaza (Xhosa rap) rapper who made his name by the track called "Ispaza slapha", its where his friends and fans began to call him "Spaza-man". This young talented rapper was born on the in Pretoria (GP). Though he grown in his lil' hometown Willowvale (eShixini). He started his music career in 2007 but started recording in 2011, when he was back to Jo'burg at KONNEKT Records. Coyle preferred to kill by his language (IsiXhosa) to easily express every feeling he has. He recorded has recorded a number of killer Hits like “If I die” “Dintja tsa teng” “Othandwayo” just to mention the few. In his hustle he went to Botswana  for his music.

Nonzwakazi Mgudlwa better known as “Miranda” was born and bred in a small place called eMthokwane, eNqabarha in Willowvale. While I was working in Cape Town, that is where I realise the calling and the potential of gospel music in me. Lundi Tyamara, Lusanda Spiritual Group, Kholeka Dubula and Bethusile Mcinga, Sniko Bulana are the gospel artists I grew up listening to and wish I would follow in their footsteps. With my debut album “uMalitshon’ ilanga” I am looking forward with my career in gospel music.  Nonzwakazi M released her first 10 track debut album called uMalitshon’ ilanga under Mjzee Studio and produced by Mboneni. Ndibonga uThixo ngako konke andenzele kona kwade kwalapha esenam. Bekungekho lula endleleni kodwa ngokuthembela kuye nempilo yam ndayinikezela kuye, amaphupha wam ndawabona ephumelela


Sindisa Jason Nhinhi is an artist born in Taleni in Dutywa in EC. Msirana EC is a rapper known to many as Pantsula Lom'rapper because of his kwaito music background. Msirana EC started as a poet in East London back in 2001 in which he later tried to fuse it with Kwaito and gave birth to a sound known as Hip-Kwaito music but later turned to pure kwaito. Msirana EC has a kwaito album which he released in 2008 as kwaito due with Navada, Pantsula Lom'rapper released a lot of singles as a way of introducing his story telling unique sound to the music lovers. He later released a rap EP (2013) which enjoyed a lot of airplay around the Eastern Cape radio stations. He is currently pushing his new 15 tracks album (2017) titled "My Views" to the people and radio stations and local tv stations.

LATETA is an artist born and bred in Dutywa in the Eastern Cape but currently based in Cape Town. His first name is Mbongeni Lateta, the stage name "LATETA" is basically his surname. Growing up having a dream of dying as a musical legend, He got inspired by underground rappers on a show that was hosted by Luckeez Mfowethu (iMbongi Zengingqi). He started writing his own rhymes and participated on the show (RAPPER MRAPPER) then he never looked back. . In 2015 he decided to go solo and he is currently working on his debut project titled "VOICE OF THE VOICELESS".  He recently dropped his first Hit singles titled 'I am a dreamer' and "Qojiji" Lateta is the owner of the clothing brand known as: Qojiji Clothing. hence Lateta Qojiji

Born Lisakhanya Qinisile.. born in Dutywa better known as Emmzaque. At very young age recited music especially poetry. Emmzaque in 2015 relocated to Queenstown that is where he realised his calling when he visited a local radio station. He was invited to join the station and jumped to the opportunity of being a radio presenter at Lukhanji FM

During his time at Lukhanji FM he found himself working and associated with many artists Including local acts like Chuma Hlawula better known as Chum and Thamsanqa Ngxekethe known as Dj Blaque, Dumza Maswana, Soul kulture duo Ayanda McKayi ( Actor and Tv Personality) to mention few. Appeared at least 4 times in local newspapers for Performing Poetry and Public Speaking. Emmzaque is busy with growing Clothing label founded in 2014 called "Got For It" and busy in recording studio's for his first ever recorded poetry album, to be released later

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Artist - Brand owner - Qojiji Wear

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